Kite School

Our school only works with instructors affiliated with ABK - Brazilian Association of Kitesurf, and new equipment (2013/14). We offer classes for children, adults and elderly.


- Complete Basic Course / 10 hours - 4 classes of 2:30 hours each

Description: safety, sailing basics, full control of kite and walking across the board (left and right). After the course, students will be able to buy a kite and use it safely.

- Fast Basic Course / 5 hours - 2 classes of 2:30 hours each

Description: safety, sailing basics, full control of kite and board start. This course is suitable for people with little availability, only two days. Students will only be able to start kite surfing after the 10-hour course.

- Assistance to Kitesurfers

Description: qualified instructors who can accompany beginners who have their own equipment

- Kiteboarding gear rental

Description: we carry all the gear necessary for kite boarding: safety vest, helmet, footstraps, bindings, boards, and kite. Our equipment is all new (2013/2014) and all sizes are available.

- Beginners Classes and Stand-Up Paddling Gear Rental
Description: we offer 30-minute classes for beginners and gear rental, and tours for those who practice SUP.



The wind blows almost all year round, except during the rainy season that goes from February to April but one can still enjoy sailing with large kites . The best time to visit is from July to January (high season) with winds ranging from 18-30 knots .

Best places to sail:

- Pontal:right in front of the inn with side-shore wind , flat sea and small waves (during high tide) .

- Mangue Seco : side-shore wind and waves - high tide.

- La Boca : More than 2km of flat water with an average depth of 1m at low tide and sandy seabed. Virgin beach.

- Mangrove Lake : This is a great spot with shallow waters that resemble a mirror . Totally flat seabed. On one side you will find dunes and on the other a mangrove forest that allows sailing deep into the delta. This saltwater lake (sea inlet) is renewed twice a day according to the tide. Virgin beach.

- Downwinder 30km between Barra Grande and Coqueiro (nearest town).
Travel by river bar, islets and beaches (Maramar , Carnaúbinha , Cabeleira , Arrombado and Itaquí)

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